Racial-Social Justice Strategy, Organizing, and Action Resources

Explore Racial-Social Justice Strategy, Organizing, and Action Resources

Maryland educators are committed to the success of every student. We know that institutional and structural racism, along with systemic discrimination, are barriers to achieving our vision. Through awareness, capacity-building, and collective action, MSEA will leverage the power and collective voice of our members to end the systemic patterns of racial inequity and injustice that affect our students, educators, schools, and communities, and support efforts that demand racial and social justice for all Maryland students, educators, and families.

MSEA’s Building Blocks for Just and Inclusive Schools

MSEA has developed a compilation of frameworks, strategies, implementation processes, and resources from a variety of entities focused on racial equity and just and inclusive schools. This resource is designed to meet the diverse needs of all educators no matter where they are in the personal and organizational change process. It is structured to meet users at their individual and organizational levels of competency. Not to be used strictly in a linear fashion, it is designed with a clear understanding that the path to equity is not finite and that it must be taken individually, organizationally, and communally.

Justice in Education Framework

The Justice in Education Framework was developed based on the Wheel of Change model for transforming organizations, developed by the Art for Transformational Consulting. The framework is based upon three domains that operate in a system of continuous reinforcement—Awareness Building (Hearts and Minds), Capacity Building (Behavioral Change), and Action (Structural Change)—and identifies the organizational “levers” that must be engaged to create transformational change and to develop action strategies with a deeper commitment towards racial, social, and economic justice and equity in public education.

Critical to transformational change is developing a sharp analysis of systems within institutions, including decision-making and policy creation. A thoughtful analysis prepares us to identify interventions and sustainable solutions that can be strategically implemented. This framework is designed to offer elements of analysis to accurately target these interventions and identify appropriate actions to meet the challenges. Used collectively and continuously, the three domains of this framework give us the opportunity to ensure complete review and analysis of complex systems, and to identify components to leverage for systems change.