In the Workplace

ESP Rights

If you’re an education support professional, you know that under that broad catch-all category many are considered jacks-of-all-trades. You also know that many of you are increasingly posted in classrooms, offices, and lunchrooms to fill in where positions are short staffed due to funding and absences with no consideration of the pay differential that accompanies various job titles.

That’s where your job description comes in. It is vitally important to know and understand your job duties and responsibilities. If you have been regularly assigned additional responsibilities that fall within a higher pay grade, you should be paid accordingly.

For example, many contracts provide for the payment of an additional stipend for paraeducators asked to substitute for an absent teacher—but it’s a right many have to demand. In other cases where the contract may not have an explicit provision regarding work outside of your classification, the local association will support you in addressing the matter.

Your contract also protects you when you work hours beyond your negotiated work day due to additional job duties or due to assigned work in your regular duties. All ESP are entitled to pay for all hours worked, and if you work beyond 40 hours in any one week, you are due one and one-half times your regular rate of hourly pay for hours worked over 40.

If you find yourself regularly performing duties outside of your job description or working beyond your negotiated workday, please contact your local association office for assistance.