A message from President Cheryl Bost

Take Your Power: Vote in the MSEA Election!

For over five years, my goal has been to lift up educator voices in all areas where decisions about education and our unions are made. I’m so proud of all the members who have stepped up to share their stories, spoken up for what they and their students need, and shown up to protect our profession, students, communities, and schools. Your voice is critical and needed more now than ever!

Your voice is equally important as we engage in MSEA’s statewide elections in January and February. You will be voting on MSEA’s next president, vice presi­dent, an NEA director, and several seats on MSEA’s board. Your vote is powerful because our union is powerful.

Voting begins January 29. Click here and look for the red bar at the top of MSEA’s page!

MSEA is the largest labor union in the state of Mary­land, representing nearly 75,000 educators in 23 counties and across 41 locals. The MSEA president is the spokes­person, lead representative, and person responsible for chairing the MSEA board of directors and representative assembly which oversees our budget and strategic plan and leads the way on policy decisions impacting our pro­fession and union. The MSEA president and other officers work hand-in-hand with the MSEA executive director and the many staff who support our members and local affiliates on a daily basis. As the current president work­ing each and every day to have your back and speak up on your behalf, I know it’s an important position and it’s important to keep our power, momentum, and voices engaged as we have so much still to do.

Click here to see MSEA’s current officers and Board of Directors!

I encourage all members to learn about the candidates and most of all—VOTE! Voting is using your educator voice in your union. Over the past several years our internal election turnout has steadily decreased and we must work at all levels to change the tide. We can all take a step in the right direction by helping to set the course of our union by voting. Look inside to meet the candidates, see the election dates, and learn how to vote electronically. I’m voting and I hope you do too! Our vote is our voice!

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