6 Steps to Get Ready for the March for Our Schools

Ready to march? It’s almost time for the big day.



This Monday, 5,000+ educators will make their way to Annapolis for the March for Our Schools. We can add a billion dollars in new school funding if we make our voices heard. Get ready to show up strong to call for the funding our kids deserve!

Here are 6 steps to make sure you’re ready to march:

1. Make a Plan


The march itself starts at 6 p.m. from the corner of Herbert Sachs Boulevard and Rowe Boulevard. The march will last about 30 minutes, ending up at the intersection of Rowe Boulevard and Calvert Street where our speakers’ stage will be located. The speaking program will begin around 6:30 p.m. and run until around 7:15 p.m.

Can’t get close to the stage? Not to worry. We’ll have a jumbotron and set of speakers set up down the road so everyone can see and hear. We will also have an ASL interpreter on the stage.

After the speaking program, everyone who arrived on a bus will head back to the Navy Stadium parking lot to catch their ride home.

2. Find Parking


(Not like this.)

If you’re riding on a bus, this will be easy. All buses will be directed to park at Navy Stadium, entering the parking lot off of Farragut Road. When your bus arrives, it will be given a number by a rally marshal, who will also give everyone on the bus a sticker with the corresponding number on it. When you head back to the lot after the rally, just make sure to get on the bus with the right number!

If you’re driving, plan to leave early to avoid traffic. We recommend getting to Annapolis no later than 5 p.m. if you plan to drive. Please note that only buses can park at Navy Stadium, which is where the march will begin. To check out parking options in Annapolis, click here. Pro tip: Purchase a parking pass in advance at the garage of your choice to make sure you have a parking space secured. Buy one now, they’re going fast!

3. Make an Awesome Sign


From the Prince George’s County Educators’ Association’s Art Build (photo by Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association).

One of the most fun things about marches and rallies are the great signs. Be creative and wow everyone with your homemade sign!

Just make sure that your sign can be handheld. Sticks of any kind are not allowed per city regulations. So leave the paint stirrers, brooms, magic wands, and batons at home.

4. Wear Red for Public Ed

Show your support for public education by wearing red. It might be a bit cool out (the forecast says mid-50s and partly sunny in Annapolis) so think of some red accessories that can be seen even while wearing a coat. Red scarfs and gloves are all ways to show your support. Have a red hoodie or coat? Wear that!

5. Put on Comfy Shoes

If they happen to be red shoes, that’s even better! You may be standing and walking for a couple hours, so you’ll want to make sure that you are wearing shoes that are comfortable.

6. Have a Question? Ask a Rally Marshal


(Don’t worry, our marshals will be way friendlier.)

There will be rally marshals at the event ready to help out in a moment’s notice. If you are riding into town by bus, you will be greeted by a marshal when you arrive. Driving in? Marshals can be easily found. They will all be wearing a very stylish orange vest.

See you in Annapolis to March for Our Schools!