6 Steps to Get Ready for MSEA’s March to Protect Our Schools

Ready to roll? It’s almost time for the big day.

Less than a week from now, a thousand educators will make their way to Annapolis to March to Protect Our Schools. We’re marching for less standardized testing and to prevent the privatization of our public schools. (Haven’t RSVPed yet? Take care of that now.)

Here are 6 steps to make sure you’re ready to march!

1. Make a Plan

Don’t fly by the seat of your pants. Know where you’re headed (MSEA headquarters, 140 Main Street in Annapolis), when you’re getting there (5 p.m.), and how you’re getting there (carpool? bus from your local? jetpack?). We start marching to the State House complex around 5:45.

2. Find Your Parking Spot

If you’re driving, the city of Annapolis has a great website with all of the local parking garages and public lots listed. Hillman and Gott’s are the two closest garages to MSEA, but may fill up. A shuttle runs from the Navy Stadium parking lot that you may want to look into. Best advice: get to town as early as possible so you can find a spot and not be stressed about it.

3. Make a Masterpiece of a Sign

One of the most fun things about marches and rallies are the great signs. Let your creative side show and wow everyone with your homemade sign!

Need some ideas for what to write? Here are a few:

1. Don’t Privatize My School

2. Say No To Vouchers

3. For Our School, For Our Students, For Our Future

4. Students Are More Than Test Scores

5. Our Students Are Worth It

6. Kids Before Politics

4. Bring Comfy Shoes

We’ll only be marching for about one-third of a mile from MSEA to the State House complex, but make sure you’re wearing shoes you’re ok with walking in. We’ll need to do a little more walking inside the State House complex to stop by legislators’ offices.

5. Bring Your ID

A driver’s license will do too.

You’ll need your driver’s license or other photo ID to get in to the State House complex. Make sure it’s in your pocket when you head out to March.

6. Don’t Bring Lots of Bags into the State House

You’ll need to go through security in the State House and have your bag scanned, so the lighter you travel the quicker we’ll all make it through and get to speak with our elected officials!