6 Steps to Get Ready for MSEA’s March to Fix the Fund

Ready to march? It’s almost time for the big day.

This Monday, 1,500+ educators will make their way to Annapolis to March to Fix the Fund. We’ll be marching for an additional $500 million in school funding by making sure that casino gaming revenues increase rather than simply maintain education spending. (Haven’t RSVPed yet? You can do that here.)

Here are 6 steps to make sure you’re ready to march!

1. Make a Plan

Don’t just fly by the seat of your pants. Know where you are headed (Lawyers Mall in Annapolis), when you’re getting there (by 6 p.m.), and how you’re getting there (carpool? bus from your local? jetpack?). Check out this list of confirmed bus location and departure times. We have some phenomenal speakers, including 2016–17 Maryland Teacher of the Year Sia Kyriakakos and Alvin Thornton, the architect of the state’s current school funding formula. The program will last about 45 minutes and then we’ll march around State Circle, the road surrounding the State House.

2. Find Parking

If you’re driving, the city of Annapolis has a great website with all of the local parking garages and public lots listed. Pick your top three parking locations and have those addresses nearby as you drive so you can put them in your GPS or navigation app in the event that your first choice is full.

Best advice: get to Annapolis as early as possible so you can find a spot and not be stressed about it.

3. Make an Awesome Sign

One of the most fun things about marches and rallies are the great signs. Be creative and wow everyone with your homemade sign!

Just make sure that your sign can be handheld. Sticks of any kind are not allowed on Lawyers Mall. So leave the paint stirrers, brooms, magic wands, batons, and lacrosse gear at home.

4. Wear Red for Public Ed

Show your support for public education by wearing red. It might be a bit chilly out (the forecast says 50 degrees and partly sunny in Annapolis) so think of some red accessories that can be seen even while wearing a coat. Red scarfs, gloves, hats, and pants are all ways to show your support. Got a red hoodie or coat? Wear that!

5. Put on Comfy Shoes

If they happen to be red shoes, that’s even better! You will be standing and walking for an hour or so, so you’ll want to make sure that you are wearing shoes that are comfortable.

6. Have a Question? Ask a Rally Marshal

There will be rally marshals at the event ready to help out in a moment’s notice. If you are riding into town by bus, you will be greeted by a marshal when you arrive. Driving in? Marshals can be easily found. They will all be wearing a very stylish orange vest.