3 Ways the New Kirwan Commission Timeline Can Help

We can educate more parents and community stakeholders and build powerful coalitions.



What do our students deserve? Thousands of MSEA members responded in building meetings with better pay, more staff, and increased student services.

The recently announced delay in the final roll-out of the Kirwan Commission’s recommendations, while disappointing, make organizing and power-building all the more important — and MSEA will take full advantage of the new timeline collecting more input from educators and the public on how to improve our schools.

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Some recommendations will still be released in December, but we won’t see the complete package until spring 2018. Until then we have …

1. A critical opportunity — We have more time to educate lawmakers in Annapolis through one-on-one lobby visits and local forums.

2.The 2018 elections — We can endorse, support, and campaign for candidates who understand what’s at stake and will support increased funding.

3.An unexpected opportunity — We can build a more powerful, more diverse, and farther-reaching grassroots coalition of educators, community members, and supportive civic groups.

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