Workshops, Exhibits, Business Meeting

2022 MSEA Convention Is Back in OC!

It’s the first in-person MSEA Convention and Representative Assembly since 2019! Join us for some good old-fashioned in-person networking, camaraderie, and FREE PD that you can use ASAP.

Twenty-one professional development workshops—local PD credit possible!

Scores of education exhibits—freebies!

Six hundred invited dele­gates—union strong!

Parliamentary pro­cedure—mind your manners!

PAC challenges—support public education candidates!

Sunrises at the beach—you early bird!

Fisher’s popcorn—yes, please!

Delegates will take care of the annual business of the union— considering bylaw amendments, MSEA’s four-year legislative program, new business items, gearing up for the important mid-term elections, and more.

The annual convention is for all members, not only the dele­gates to the business meeting. And to make it a valuable trip to the beach, Friday morning’s schedule is packed with professional development designed for you to be able to apply the following Monday. There’s noth­ing better than relevant, practicable, and well-packaged PD presented by real practi­tioners. Check in with your favor­ite educator friends and carpool to the beach!

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