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About Garrett County Education Association

The Garrett County Education Association (GCEA) is a local affiliate of the National Education Association (NEA) and the Maryland State Education Association (MSEA). It is a professional organization representing the interests of educators and support staff who work in the public schools of Garrett County, Maryland.

GCEA’s mission is to advance the cause of public education and to promote the welfare of school children by advocating for better working conditions and fair compensation for educators, as well as supporting initiatives that improve the quality of education in the county. The association also provides professional development opportunities and resources to its members.

Overall, GCEA plays an important role in shaping education policy in Garrett County and advocating for the needs of educators and students in the community.

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P.O. Box 2236 Oakland, MD 21550


Heather Gosnell

Uniserv Director

Cresta Kowalski


Angel-Simms Fuller

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