Apply for an Innovative Engagement and Organizing Grant

June 12, 2017

Do you have a great idea for how to get your colleagues excited about the issues that matter to you, your local association, and your profession? It’s time to make it happen with an MSEA Innovative Engagement and Organizing (IEO) Grant. An IEO Grant can fund the development of your great idea—grants range from $2,500 to $500—and help you put it into action.

“We’re looking for thoughtful, fun, exciting, and unique ideas that will get us all thinking about fresh ways of organizing and advocacy,” said MSEA President Betty Weller. “I’m excited to see your great ideas and how they can help move our association forward!” 

Things you need to know

1. Applications are encouraged from members within a local or across various locals. Including but not limited to: emerging leaders, SPARKS, retirees, ESP, local leaders, new teachers, administrators, etc.
2. Members can apply directly to MSEA. 
3. Each grant is for one year with the option to re-apply for an additional year. 
4. The total amount available for all grants is $20,000 with individual grants typically ranging between $2,500 to $500. 
5. There will be a minimum of three meetings to share progress and have the opportunity to collaborate among the grantees. 
6. There will be a summative report shared in the Spring. 
7. Applicants should be able to describe the impact they expect to make and how they will know if their work has made a difference in engaging and organizing members.


June 30: Application deadline. Local presidents and UniServ will be notified of the received application.
August 1: Notification of Grant Awards
September 16: Disbursement of Grant Awards

To Apply

Tell the story of your project with innovative supplemental materials of your choice. The written narrative should be no more than 1,000 words (roughly 2-4 pages). Download, complete, and submit the grant application by clicking here.

Grants will be reviewed by MSEA’s Strategic Planning Task Force, a diverse group of members and staff working to bring relevant, member-focused innovation to MSEA’s organizing and advocacy goals.