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Meet six MSEA activists tackling student poverty, class size, educator salaries, and more.This is our moment — if we are to be successful in our work...
3 months 1 week
Compassion fatigue is real, rampant, and often unacknowledged.A new work-life survey from the American Federation of Teachers and the Badass Teachers...
3 months 1 week
Tech lover and Frederick County language arts teacher Alia Knight-Dahl makes room for deeper learning in her blended classroom.Alia-Kinght Dahl is a...
3 months 1 week
An interview with 2017–18 Maryland Teacher of the Year Josh Carroll.© Stephen CherryThe 2017–18 Maryland Teacher of the Year is Josh Carroll, a STEM...
3 months 1 week
“An activist from the heart.”Howard County nurse and community activist Mary Stein is MSEA’s ESP of the Year.“An activist from the heart” is how one...
3 months 1 week
2014 National Teacher of the Year Sean McComb inspires at MSEA’s Early Career Educator Summit.Early career educators Richard Warren Jr., John Wombach...
3 months 1 week
Education specialist Dwayne Lovett knows what it takes to reach students at his North Dorchester County High School.Dwayne Lovett with officers and...
3 months 1 week
Educators work to build understanding and support for community schools in the City of Steeples.Photo: Hamtalk.orgEducators and community members...
3 months 1 week
Here’s what MSEA members are doing right now to get Maryland schools on par with Finland, Singapore, and Massachusetts.What do our students deserve?...
3 months 1 week
Each attempt at using new tech involves taking a risk and models for our students how we handle bumps in the road — even failure.Alia Knight-Dahl is...


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Print Edition

June/July 2016 ActionLine

Someone has to take a stand.” Learn how Maryland kindergarten teachers took a stand against the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment when it interfered with essential instructional time. Discover how Ruthie the dog brought curriculum to life in an Allegany County elementary school? Read how to build a reflective practice with an end-of-the-year review. 

March/April 2016 ActionLine

One school in Prince George’s County is helping immigrant students thrive. MSEA’s testing campaign reached more than 1,000,000 Marylanders. MSEA is addressing new teacher induction issues. Learn more about equity literacy and how you can make a difference in your students’ success with culturally relevant instruction. ESPs scored a big victory from the Court of Appeals. Focus on educators from Dorchester and St. Mary’s counties. 

January/February 2016 ActionLine

Meet seven young activists who are setting the tone of 21st-century public education activism. MSEA meets the state commission and makes eight common sense recommendations for testing sanity. Learn more about the Friedrichs v California Teachers Association. Retirees take off in Baltimore and Charles counties.